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Embracing the Weird

Matt learned a long time ago that it’s OK to be weird. Weird is subjective, and it usually applies only to things you’ve not been exposed to before. “We mock what we do not understand” and all that.

Weird is personal. Matt’s weird may not be your weird, but it helps to know that – some way, somehow – we’re all a little bit weird. And that’s good!

Here’s the key: NO JUDGMENT. It’s OK to be weird. Embrace your weirdness. Or, at the very least, ignore someone else’s.

But things are only weird at first. Pineapple on pizza? Just another topping. Cheddar cheese? Ranch dressing? BBQ sauce? Chick-fil-A® sauce?  No one is raising an eyebrow.

Weird is local. Midwest casseroles, northeast lobster tails, mid-Atlantic BBQ. No one thinks those things are weird. Putting them on pizza is just the next logical step, right?

So, why be weird? How’s this fit? How does being weird benefit a brand?

Because weird is an asset. Your ‘weird’ is my local. My weird is your Limited Time Offer. Our collective weird is variety of product and frequency of visit. Someone else’s weird is my product development, and test market.

Weird isn’t “top down”, it must be organic. Our mission is to give you a solid financial framework, with a solid simple process, and as localized as possible, so you can be as weird as you want. We give customers full freedom of choice, but also the confidence to do it. Does this seem weird to you?

If so, give us a call and help us Keep Pizza Weird™.

What is your weird?

Matt's Weird Story

Pizza Matt grew up on a military base and found himself selling hot dogs. He had never been one to just ring up sales. Matt was the “PT Barnum” of hot dog sales. He even sold hot dogs to people that didn’t like hot dogs! He made all kinds of hot dogs; he was really a hot dog artist.

But then it happened; the base decided to open a pizza joint. That was the start of Matt’s passion for pizza. Creative pizza, artistic pizza, weird (but crazy good!) pizza!

Matt ran both operations, and his passion for crazy good pizza grew. Matt explored several other endeavors, including being a sandwich artist at Subway, but he couldn’t fight his passion for pizza. He finally decided to help a local operator out with a chain of pizza shops in Toledo, Ohio, even though he lived in Detroit…but hey, what’s an hour drive when it comes to your true love?!?!

Matt decided to read the book about the godfather of pizza in Detroit – Pizza Tiger.  To say he was inspired is about as big of an understatement as you can imagine. Days later, he decided to set his creative artisan self free. Free from the bonds of the normal and embrace his weird and his love for pizza.

With dreams of Ramen Noodle and Slim Jim pizza Matt decided to build his own restaurant, and the name was obvious to him, Pizza Cat – a nod to the Tiger. This would be a no judgment pizza place.  Not interested in the “Italian style”, Matt set out to be the best “American style” pizza on earth.

The awesome pizza–baked in a true pie pan, free of a big doughy crust. Tasty sauce, cheese, and an unbelievable choice of toppings, from the standard to the weird!

Matt has charted a course share his love for creating mouthwatering, crave-worthy pizza through a nationwide (heck, maybe even worldwide or universe-wide!) chain of independently owned and operated local shops, all with a unique design and darn good pizza, with a support structure he wished he had when he started on this long and crazy road.